Saturday, January 1, 2005

Stegosaurus Rex - New Kingdom Lyrics (Produced By Quy Duc Doan)

New Kingdom

This is the New Kingdom right here
Khufu you ain't got nothing on me
Manetho listen up man

Eighteenth bring it back from Hyksos rule
Tao II our boy plain blasting those fools
Back to the past those tools
Damn even Nubia know they got schooled

Just another win another fight no defeat
Chillin with the ladies and gentlemen in Thebes
Man please don't even start no beef
Y'all know that we grow the best weed


Hatshepsut yeah that's my girl
She just took the crown and ruled the world
Don't look now but you'll see ain't no hurdle
Ain't a time when the Nile that fertile

We all building our stuff up in Karnak
All the gods want to be all up in that
Making offerings let our nation grow up fat
Itj-Tawy what you thinking Amenemhat?

Ahhotep girl look at what you did
Your whole family's full of warriors right here

Now we're moving on to Thutmose
Trying to give his aunt a cold shoulder
Playing a player but got played a poser
'Cause he trying to bling it like King Djoser

Akhenaten moving north to Amarna
Down the Nile for some clearer waters
Had himself four beautiful daughters
Don't even know which one the hottest

Hey, y'all know Ankhesenpaaten
She got hitched with Tutankhamun
Making love on Egyptian cotton
Looking at his bling he'll never be forgotten

Horemheb stepping in making Egypt fresh
Wiping off that fool Akhenaten's mess
He was a general and generally the best
Man looked so hard wearing his Khepresh

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