Saturday, January 1, 2005

Stegosaurus Rex - Collapse Lyrics


Folding our wings up inside
Breathing out
Holding the truth to our lies
Believe me now

Feeling the death to love
Coming around
Hoping the wall that we face
Shatters to the ground

Dreams are shattered in this way
And are you happy
Feelings are crushed and I don’t believe
You are laughing

Another day in the cold
Keeps anger steaming
Another nail driven home
To the lie I’m leading

Hold on to tears and
Hold on to love
Hold on to fears and
Embrace the clouds above

Hold on to youth and
Hold on to death
Hold on to you
Rip the heart out of your chest

Why do we try to break
The things that make us even
Why do we try to make
The things that break us apart
Why do we try to fuse
The things that hold us steady
The space between us
Warns us of the coldness to break and of ourselves

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