Saturday, January 1, 2005

Stegosaurus Rex - Nowhere To Run Lyrics

Nowhere To Run

You’re gonna die
I’m gonna kill you
You’re gonna die
I’m gonna kill you

Feeling all blue
I’ve got no more time
They all hate me
Because of my crime

Their threats come at me
Their voices are loud
All to condemn me
My face is still proud

You were my good friend
I saved you before
I thought you turned good now
But you asked for some more

You had to provoke me
So I beat you
Watched your skull bleed
So now I feel blue

Out of ideas
Nowhere to run
Looking right down
Barrel of a gun

And so I dream
Voices in my head
Delusions mock me
My best friend is dead

I feel no guilt
But I shed a tear
I see your dead body
With the blood all smeared

A bird sings a song
It’s all for you
Outside it’s so warm
And the skies are all blue

You’re gonna die
I’m gonna kill you
You’re gonna die
I’m gonna kill you


TypTeen said...

creepiest shit ever

Stegosaurus Rex said...

Yeah, it's pretty messed up lyrics. The story behind it is pretty funny tho. I made the track 2 years ago, when I first learned how to make a vocoder. As I was doing a mic check, my little brother came in to check out what I was doing and I told him to say something.

"You're gonna die!"

I then took the sample and warped it into the half of the chorus. Then I realized it was fucking catchy...

The bassline flowed right underneath, and the rest of the song came into my mind that night...

Anonymous said...

ah... the endearing things little brothers say. Awesome song, BTW. I've been hearing it a lot on

chris said...

enjoy your songs!

how did you setup a vocoder? do you have a good tutorial to recommend?

Stegosaurus Rex said...

Ahhh, good idea, I did my own experimentation with vocoding to get it right. I'll write up a tutorial this week!

Ben said...

Definitely dig the song. I also heard it on Pandora- thanks for putting it out there!

Anonymous said...

at fist i thought "i'm gonna kill you" said "nothing like you". in like a responding threat way until i found out the lyrics. i still love the song though!

Joseph Sutter said...

Got forwarded your gear. That's some awesome stuff you have there. Vocoder win. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just heard it on Pandora. Had to go to iTunes and purchase it right away! Cool ass song man.

Monster girl said...

i heard this on pandora
i instantly loved it i even thought of using the song and making a video for it for my film class, i hope thats cool..
hahah i love the lyrics!
its like dark but happy sounding;
fucking catchy.
totally adding this to my myspace page and making a friend request.

Red Ninja Rafael said...

Dude me and my friend are going to Dj in clubs soon. We are called "Illuminati" and could use your talents in our electro journey.

neeciechan said...

I guess I'm not the only one that found you through Pandora, I'm eternally grateful to them for that haha. I've probably said this before but I absolutely love your music. :]

Anonymous said...

song is perfect after watching Donnie Darko! Heard it immediately after on pandora, sweet.

Anonymous said...

omg!!!!!!!!!!! i seriouly love ur music!!! my bf was the one that introduce me to ur music cuz i love crystal castles and he was like dont listen to them listen to stegosaurus rex and now i think im in<33

Anonymous said...

i swear man this song just puts me in a trance, keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

Please write more music using a vocoder, i just bought one and i had so much fun figuring out this song plus its just amazing to listen to. love you and my brother for showing me your music <3

Anonymous said...

Love this! <3 Pandora.

CamE said...

I came here to find out what 80's dystopian this came from - Blade Runner, Solar Babies, Night of the Comet - and was pleased you just made this up!
Do the vocoder to some old monologue

Anonymous said...

The song sounds a lot like Crystal Castles. I like it dearly. Soooo transcedental.

skeptic1 said...

This is the best.

GemzVon said...

Ill ass song Stego!!!

You're gonna die...I'm gonna kill you.

Fucking catchy ass tune buddy.

jake said...

Love this song ha ha ah

Steve said...

Like a lot of the other people commenting, I heard this song on Pandora. I love it! You said you made it ~4 years ago? (2 years before Dec 08) Have you considered making a dubstep remix? That would be awesome

Anonymous said...

Found this through pandora. Love it! To me it sounded more like:
You're gonna die
Probably like you-u-u

Until I read the lyrics, of course.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your song!!!
Just the kind of music im looking for
keep making awesome music

MattLives said...

your music is awesome! i just bought your album via iTunes. I too heard you though Pandora but penumbra got to me before i heard nowhere to run. Both are excellent tracks, cant wait to hear more! you just made my life, keep it up :)

JPX said...

I absolutely love this song! I hope to hear a lot more out of you.

JPX said...

I love this song and I can't wait to hear more from you!

Sympathy135 said...

awesome song!

Anonymous said...

hey asshole i like your music

Anonymous said...

Here's what NOT to do with this song: listen to it on your iPod at the gym and sing out loud...forgetting only YOU can hear the music.

Anonymous said...

Love the songs- the lyrics are creepy- but the song is awesome!

Anonymous said...

somebody played your song on i immediately did some research on what i had just heard and after a few days of putting this track on heavy youtube rotation, here i am... =) so i just wanted to compliment you on this track as i've already played it for multiple friends.

Anonymous said...

Today this song and album artwork magically became my homescreen on my phone and then went away... Not exactly the kind of song you want to hear when you think someone has hacked your phone and is trying to send you some kind of message.... Sincerely freaked the f**k out

April said...

I love this song so much. Not only is it catchy, I think it's pretty intimate.

Bunnyshmoo said...

It's about "Of Mice and Men".
It's the final scene.
Lennie is the best friend.
The song is sung by George; his thoughts right after what he did to Lennie.
It's not that creepy when you know what it's about. More so sad.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you are still making music. If so, where can I hear it?

Stegosaurus Rex said...

I'm still making music!

You can hear my newest tunes on SoundCloud:

Things have been rough the past few years in my personal life, but I'm trying to get things back together soon!

Anonymous said...

good luck with personal life. you've made some good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely fucking love this song// where can I find more music of yours?

Stegosaurus Rex said...

You can find my stuff on Soundcloud:

Blanca Recinos said...

Beautiful music ♡ I love it. Max the great.