Saturday, March 28, 2009

RPM Challenge 2009 (One Album Recorded In One Month!)

Check out my RPM album Can You Dig It?:

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past few weeks : / I've been pretty busy with a bunch of stuff.

In February, I decided to take part in RPM (Record Production Month) Challenge where people around the world try to write and record a whole album in one month.

I decided to take part in it to see if my normal output could cover that volume of music without burning out.

Wasn't easy.

The first week, I came up with two amazing tracks, one complete with ideas for lyrics. And then, there was writer's block.

I usually write something or doodle some music every week, but I won't come back to revisit that particular idea for another month or two. In that way, I usually have an assembly line of material being streamed out at the rate of one track per week, but each individual piece of music would have been sitting there for a while before I go and finish it.

For RPM Challenge, I decided to write everything and record it on the fly, without taking old material or ideas to record. Everything was built completely from scratch.

Finishing a track is definitely not my strong point, so for two weeks I just sat there, not able to get moving. I though that I wouldn't make it, that I wouldn't finish 35 minutes of material for RPM.

However, that last week, I decided to just crank it and improvise on my keyboard. In 3 days, I did the remaining 4 tracks, all improvised, ambient little pieces, just so I could finish the whole thing.

The end result was the RPM album Can You Dig It? which is available for you to listen to at this link:

I hope you like it!

And... if you haven't seen my new music video for Undeniable, check it out now!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Undeniable Music Video

The music video for Undeniable is now out! Directed, shot, and edited by Johnny Darko. Check it out now!

Also, Undeniable is slated to be released end of March on digital and limited edition cassette tape (limited to 10!)

The cassette features more than 60 solid minutes of Stegosaurus Rex material broadcast by that radio station from the halls of imagination, Radical 98.3 FM! Time travel to 1980s universe that is Undeniable!

If you'd like me to reserve a cassette copy for you--it'll come with cool custom parcel art and maybe something else ;)--email me at

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Dino Soars Contest (Final)

Congratulations to Andrew from Ohio for the final winner of The Dino Soars contest!
Thanks to all who participated and watched my music video!

With that, the contest is officially over, but tomorrow, an update on Undeniable...