Saturday, March 28, 2009

RPM Challenge 2009 (One Album Recorded In One Month!)

Check out my RPM album Can You Dig It?:

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past few weeks : / I've been pretty busy with a bunch of stuff.

In February, I decided to take part in RPM (Record Production Month) Challenge where people around the world try to write and record a whole album in one month.

I decided to take part in it to see if my normal output could cover that volume of music without burning out.

Wasn't easy.

The first week, I came up with two amazing tracks, one complete with ideas for lyrics. And then, there was writer's block.

I usually write something or doodle some music every week, but I won't come back to revisit that particular idea for another month or two. In that way, I usually have an assembly line of material being streamed out at the rate of one track per week, but each individual piece of music would have been sitting there for a while before I go and finish it.

For RPM Challenge, I decided to write everything and record it on the fly, without taking old material or ideas to record. Everything was built completely from scratch.

Finishing a track is definitely not my strong point, so for two weeks I just sat there, not able to get moving. I though that I wouldn't make it, that I wouldn't finish 35 minutes of material for RPM.

However, that last week, I decided to just crank it and improvise on my keyboard. In 3 days, I did the remaining 4 tracks, all improvised, ambient little pieces, just so I could finish the whole thing.

The end result was the RPM album Can You Dig It? which is available for you to listen to at this link:

I hope you like it!

And... if you haven't seen my new music video for Undeniable, check it out now!

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