Saturday, March 7, 2009

Undeniable Music Video

The music video for Undeniable is now out! Directed, shot, and edited by Johnny Darko. Check it out now!

Also, Undeniable is slated to be released end of March on digital and limited edition cassette tape (limited to 10!)

The cassette features more than 60 solid minutes of Stegosaurus Rex material broadcast by that radio station from the halls of imagination, Radical 98.3 FM! Time travel to 1980s universe that is Undeniable!

If you'd like me to reserve a cassette copy for you--it'll come with cool custom parcel art and maybe something else ;)--email me at


Retronics said...

Cool video. What was this filmed on?

Stegosaurus Rex said...

Don't remember the camera exactly, since I didn't film it, but it was on 16mm film, I believe Kodak Tri-X.