Sunday, January 1, 2006

Green Tease - Desolate Pool Lyrics

Desolate Pool (Lyrics By Natasha)

In the whisper of sad willow trees
You will catch the words of sorrow
In the pool all covered up with leaves
You can find me by tomorrow

This is where we met and fell in love
We pledged to be together
We were witnessed by a black black dove
But nothing lasts forever

I will stay and ask the willow tree
What I've done wrong, why you let me go
Why that night you set me free
I wanna know I just wanna know

Neither brightest light nor darkest night
Will tell us the truth: who was wrong who was right
Bloody sunset doesn't have a clue
That I have my plan I know what to do

It's so dark here and I'm all alone
But I'm not afraid I am brave and strong
My skin is so hot and the water is cool
I'll drown all my sorrows in the desolate pool

Goodbye my love

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Ydi said...

Lovely! < should have a concert in Miami one day! :)