Sunday, January 1, 2006

Green Tease - Fatal Treat Lyrics

Fatal Treat (Lyrics By Natasha)

I will put on my back spikes
This is how my man likes
Mini-dress and black lace tights
I will dance in his headlights

I will meet him in the old park
He won't see me first it's so dark
I'll lit up my mint cigarette
So he could see my silhouette

He'll get out of his black car
I can tell he came straight from the bar
Jack and Coke is all that he had
Or at least that is what he said

He will lean towards me to give a kiss
In my truly cherry red lips
I will take him by his cold hand
We both know we came to the end

Give me your hand
Stay by my side
All that we felt
We left behind

How many times we tried hard
To forgive and have a fresh start
But it always went the same way
He would leave me or I'd go away

We're in love but we are in pain
Tried to break up but it's in vain
Cannot be together or apart
It's a paradox of our hearts

I have made a special new treat
It's so good it's so rich and sweet
Everything we need is inside
Go ahead and take a first bite

I will do exactly what you do
Take a bite and I will have too
Don't be scared pain will end fast
What we do is for our own best

My lips are cold
Your eyes are glass
All that we had
Is in the past

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