Friday, July 4, 2008

Post Number 13, Unlucky Days

My computer died last weekend, and so I can't work on any new music. It sucks, because I've been on a roll with No Eyed Bird, writing tons and tons of material.

4 computer deaths have happened in the past 6 years:
Summer 2003: eMachines Windows ME desktop system
Spring 2004: Toshiba Windows XP laptop system
Spring/Summer 2007: Self-built Windows XP desktop system
Summer 2008: Compaq Windows Vista desktop system

In each of these cases, it was a hardware problem (not software like virus) that took place. Right now, my friend Thanh is working on the compy. Hope it turns out OK so I can get back to work audio engineering work!

At the moment, I'm taking the extra free time I have to build even more content on No Eyed Bird. Check out the ezine at

Here is a 3-part editorial in which I wrote about electro-house:
Electro-House (Part 1) UEFA Euro 2008: Consolation Prize To The Germans
Electro-House (Part 2) History
Electro-House (Part 3) Two New Artists

Alrighty, have a nice Fourth of July, and lets hope my computer gets fixed!

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