Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Desolate Pool

I love 80s music. I was born in 1985, but the radio station that my dad listened to played a lot of 80s music. Depeche Mode, Berlin, Joy Division, The Cars were just some of the very awesome bands that I heard growing up.

I've decided recently to examine some of the methods used in the 80s to make CD audio. Those engineers were precision surgeons, making sure everything fit in well, taking advantage of the CD format's excellent dynamic range.

As a musician who grew up in the 80s and admires 80s mixing and mastering, I had to make some of that kind of music on my own (New Wave, New Romantic, Synthpop, etc).

I began cranking the creative brain for ideas, adding generous amounts of reverb to snares, dubbing vocals, and chaining together delay units.

80s music is beautiful. It is also oftentimes depressing, when the artist wants to make it so.

This next release (single? EP?) that is scheduled for release in October is focused on that New Wave sound, incorporating guitars, fat reverb on drums, sad synths, and utterly depressing lyrics.

I've got 4 tracks done so far with track number 4, Desolate Pool now in the lineup; I'm still aiming for 2 more. Prepare for retro goodness, to be released soon!

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