Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Dino Soars (PayPal)

OK, so apparently people are having trouble finding copies of The Dino Soars.

I'm going to try out PayPal as an option.

It'll be $11 (and shipping is FREE) sent to anywhere in the US (I'll have to figure out International shipping later).

Way cheaper than other places, and I will sign your CD if you like. It'll also directly support me.

So use the link below if you want a copy of The Dino Soars and can't find it, or you can PayPal $11 and your mailing address to:

Make sure to also email to as well just to make sure I get your address.



Anonymous said...

damn, I would have loved to have your signature. Unfortunately, I just bought your Dino Soars album on itunes. Could I buy your undeniable album on paypal, and could you sign that one? :)

Stegosaurus Rex said...

I don't actually have pressed copies of Undeniable... Even if you're ordering from Amazon, they're one-off CD-R's that come from the label and not directly from me. Email me at and I'll try to see if I can work something out with you.