Thursday, December 31, 2009

Warner Music Group Blocking Nowhere To Run (Updated)

(Update As Of 1-6-10) - YouTube has unblocked the Nowhere To Run music video!

So apparently, Warner Music Group (WMG) is messing with my tunes on YouTube and also on MySpace.

A week or two ago, WMG decided to block the Nowhere To Run music video off of YouTube and they've been taking down certain other tracks off of MySpace.

Funny thing is, WMG has NEVER been given ANY copyrights to ANY of my music!

WEA (owned by WMG) was given online distribution rights early in 2009, but that's different from copyright. Also, I ended distribution by WEA earlier in the year...


The current situation is that there is currently NO way to buy The Dino Soars digitally online (even though the CD of it is still available) and WMG is going left and right blocking my music claiming that they have copyright over my stuff (which they don't).

For 2010, I'm going to do my best to set all this straight, because all I really care about is people listening and connecting with my music. The last thing I want is some bureaucratic bullshit like this getting in the way.

Just wanted to give an update to everyone who has been asking about this.

If you want the single version of Nowhere To Run, it is still available as a digital release! You can get it direct from Elita Likes Electro right here.


neeciechan said...

I had no idea you had that kind of issue, but I'm glad that you're up front about it, as I'd been wondering how I was to go about getting a copy of the cd, I didn't know if it was widespread enough for me to just walk into Target and pick one up

Daniel said...

Its awesome to hear that youre being active in trying to keep your music available to people. Oh and sorry about never being able to send you any shirt designs/ promotional art last year. Lotta issues and such that I had to deal with. I hope to be able to get back on the ball and possibly crank out some stuff for you. Hope all is well with you, max.