Sunday, June 21, 2009

Steg Rex + Green Tease Updates

So I played a short little show at Nickel City San Jose last weekend on the 13th. Thanks to Johnny Darko for lending his voice and an extra pair of hands, and to Eric Fanali for having me play! And definitely thanks to all of you who came by to support me! I'll be having parts of the show be put up onto YouTube hopefully soon.

Next up, I'll be looking for other places to play, as well as getting some t-shirts screenprinted with the design by AyDee, so keep an eye out for those!

As for my other project Green Tease, I'm in the final stages of putting the artwork and whatnot together for the pressed CDs for the EP Desolate Pool. However, the it's already been released digitally on Amazon, iTunes, as well as CD Baby so check out the release (and the Green Tease MySpace profile if you haven't already).

The Stegosaurus Rex EP release Undeniable is available on Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby as well.

In the meantime, as a way for me to take a break from new tracks (because of all the logistics stuff that needs to be done right now) I'll be working for the next two months on a drum sample pack. That's right, I'm in love with 80s drum machines, and I'm going to replicate the methods used in the 80s to produce the classic sound samples immortalized within the modules of the Casio, the Alesis, the Linn, etc. I'll release this as a WAV pack for people to download and to load onto their own sequencers/drum machines. I love tweaking synth patches, and this drum pack will be a first for me :) I haven't yet figured out what to call it yet, maybe I'll give it some fake 80s-sounding synth name. So for those of you who make your own music, keep an eye out for some new sounds you can use!

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Anonymous said...

mmm drum packs. i'm learning about music and that sounds pretty interesting. must be a lot of fun