Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lee Mifsud's Review Of The Dino Soars

Yep, another review, this time by Lee Mifsud http://www.leemifsud.blogspot.com/

"An artist I recently discovered, Stegosaurus Rex, who it seems is quite unknown at the moment, and by quite unknown I mean just over 1000 plays on LastFM, is the solo efforts of Max Chen, who is also a member of various other projects, although in my opinion, SR is where he really shines. His music seems to regularly be compared with Cystal Castles, and the resemblance on some tracks is crystal clear (no pun intended),with infectious home-made melodic bleeps and the occasional glitchy vocals, its not surprising why some people would think that.
The album itself, The Dino Soars, released last year, is simply brilliant. Full of various genres of electronic music, and packed with masses of samples, ranging from live percussion to Hip Hop vocals, theres definately something for everybody. Each track seems very well constructed and interesting in its own way, and the variation in style from track to track is so drastic youd think it were some futuristic NOW compilation. So far my favorite tracks are 'Green', incorporating his own catchy vocals over some infectious cut up drum samples, and 'Nowhere to run' (see video below).
Its safe to say ill have this album on repeat for a long time." (-Lee Mifsud)

Thanks Lee! Check out the blog at http://www.leemifsud.blogspot.com/

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i'm very happy for your accomplishments as an emerging artist!