Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Jackass Stole My Equipment

Hey everyone. As I'm working hard on trying to put together art for a release of Mattie Silver as a single, some motherfucking punk smashed my car window, broke into it and took my condenser microphones.

This is obviously not the first time nor will it be the last that a musician has gotten their shit jacked, but goddamn it pisses me off.

For anyone who steals from poor musicians, you deserve to burn in Hell, listening to garbage music for all eternity. I worked my ass off to buy those mics and worked even harder to learn how to use them. To know that someone probably way less talented is handling them right now is just plain annoying, and I know it's not someone with actual talent who took them because they would know it's just plain wrong to steal MXLs from someone. If you see anyone with MXL mics, you know they're working on a budget, and they're not worth stealing like someones rims. If I had Neumanns in my car, I'd be hurting a lot more if they were stolen, but shit, if I owned Neumanns, I would probably have a lot more money to cover for those, and I would most likely have not left them to burn in the summer heat in my car.

The worst part of it all was that I found out my car got fucked today when I went to my car to go get a burrito. I was starving and was fiending for a California burrito with carne asada and some fries... And in the end, I didn't get one because I had to deal with filing a police report and getting insurance taken care of. Whatever punk smashed my car window owes me. Even if they wanted to keep the mics, fuck, at least get a guy a fucking burrito, damn.

So if anyone lives in the South Bay Area and hears about a set of MXL 990 / 993 mics in a shiny metal case, missing the shockmount, let me know. Because those would be mine.

And for the fucker who stole my mics, I was thinking about upgrading my mics from MXLs to Audio Technica AT 4040s, which are worth twice as much as the ones that were stolen. Patience truly is a virtue because if the dumbass had just waited just 3 more weeks, they would be listing stolen property for twice as much right now, because they'd be in possession of some LEGIT fucking equipment. But turns out that person now has a set of shitty MXLs, and the rest of you guys got to wait for any new music, because I got to scrape up some more money for a set of shitty cheap new mics.

As for now, check out 5-20, from the album The Dino Soars. I just uploaded it to celebrate May 20th:

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Anonymous said...

5-20 = -15, but the song = awesome. thanks!