Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stegosaurus Rex (An Intro)

Stegosaurus Rex is the moniker for me, Max Chen. I started this music project a few years ago in the summer of 2005 because I was bored and I really wanted to put together all my musical skills (I can play the piano, guitar, drums, and sing).

Fast forward roughly 3 years, 100 or so tracks later.

I just finished printing my first album "The Dino Soars" and I'll begin playing shows and doing all sorts of weird and crazy stuff with my music. I'm cutting about a track a week or faster these days, and I don't sleep very much. I've succumbed to MySpace, and learned how to tweak the intonation on a guitar, and record vocals, and do some light mastering, and play a live set, and schmooze with other musicians, and play while drunk and makehiphopandelectroandmetalandambientanddealwithirateneighbors

OK. So I've done a lot the past few years, and learned a lot about music and myself.

I've got an album coming out, finally! (It's been a dream of mine to release music since I was in middle school.)

I'm going to play some shows!

I'm going to collaborate with some awesome musicians!

And I still don't have a real job.

OK, so you want to hear my music.
^^^ That's my electro/hip-hop/indie-rock stuff. ^^^
^^^ That's my metal/rock stuff. ^^^

Go ahead and check those links out, and stay tuned for further postings. This is the beginning of the Stegosaurus Rex blog. Because I need to give you guys news. And I'm bored.

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